Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

LeaderTask v7.3.7.6 Full Version

His next dyshare91's share software called LeaderTask v7.3.7.6.
LeaderTask is a business organizer for a modern person. LeaderTask has a smart system for managing projects, tasks, contacts, events. Want to complete more? Get tired less? Earn more? And permanently improve the quality of life, work hard less and contemplate peacefully more? LeaderTask will help you with that! LeaderTask Scheduler,Personal Information Manager,Calendar,Address Book,Organizer! Forget the traditional task organizers. They are good if you live to work. They are great if you just want to plan things and be reminded. Have a life! Try the new generation organizer that helps you plan your work so efficiently that you have more free time than ever!

Features :

  •  Manage time and organize daily activities
  •  Routine tasks automatically according to user commands
  •  Suitable for various projects
  •  Warning in the software
  •  Automated email software, scheduled to
  •  The exact number of tasks in the system
  •  Provide statistics to chart
  •  Relationship Management and Contact Links
  •  High flexibility and ability to communicate with other software
  •  Software safety information
  •  Adjustable to all parts of the software
  •  Ability to print work, text, messages and ...
  •  Automatic data backup
  •  Compatible with different versions of Windows

If your friends want to download this software please click on the link brought this

password : dyshare91.blogspot.com

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